The Virtue of Prudence

BY Jaime Sevilla, MAPM, M.Th

It is the balanced and intelligent attitude that each human being should have, it is what prevents us from making mistakes, it is our light in moments of doubt or uncertainty, it is what helps us to avoid feeling bad or making our brothers and sisters feeling bad, it is what helps us to live in peace and freedom.

A prudent person is worthy of admiration since he or she reflects a deep emotional balance.

A prudent person is able to remain silent when he or she knows that he or she should do it or act when there is the right time. A prudent person inspires confidence, goodness, peace, wisdom, balance, etc.

Many approaches a prudent person to ask for advice because almost always this type of individual is very wise when the time comes to illuminate a situation that another person is going through.

We are all called to ask, encourage and practice this sacred virtue; since it serves us, both spiritually and bodily.

Let us give some examples: A boss needs to be prudent with his employees, especially when there are conflicting situations within the company.

There may be times when the boss wishes to dismiss a worker, but when making a serious and profound evaluation, he discovers that everything the worker has contributed to the company is much more worth than the mistake he made.

It is precisely in these moments where the opportunity to establish good communication arises.

It is in these circumstances that the boss must try to help that worker who has committed a fault; In the end, both of them win and learn a great lesson. It was the boss’s prudent attitude that prevented his company from losing a great element since this worker has helped a lot in the growth of his business.

Prudence helps both the employer and the worker, each one giving the best of himself according to the different roles they play within the company; The most important of all this is the result of working in a free, peaceful and responsible environment.

At home, the virtue of prudence plays a very important role. Hopefully, parents and teachers will be an example and will transmit it to future generations.

The wife must be a prudent woman when speaking, thinking or acting, both with her partner and with her children.

The same should be the husband, remember that children are like sponges that faithfully consume what they see at home.

However, children also must be prudent at the time of acting, especially when they address their parents, as well as when they coexist with each other.

When it comes to managing finances, prudence becomes an inseparable companion, since it is what helps us not to make mistakes or financial projections destined to failure.

In the spiritual life, this virtue must definitely accompany the vigilance of our soul, so as not to fall into temptation.

For the person who has chosen a celibate and chaste lifestyle, prudence should be their best friend; since it is she who will help you avoid falling into temptation.

Now, when it comes to doing an apostolate, undoubtedly prudence must be a faithful companion, because many times we become so active in certain things that we forget other important ones, and it should not be so, that is why it is important to ask for the grace of prudence to our God.

Now, when it comes to prayer, prudence is our thermometer, measuring us and telling us where and how we should advance in our spiritual ancestry; it is the one that helps us maintain that balance and avoid falling into extremes, fanaticism or laziness.

Prudence is the hand of God that guides us in our walking

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