The Tenderness

(By Jaime Sevilla)

It is the charm through which we can feel the closeness of another person, it is the one that awakens in us an inexplicable reaction that transports us to a dream world, is the one that expresses the affection towards another being, is what allows us to visualize the inside of another and feeds the strength of love. Tenderness is so generous that both the one who gives it and the one who receives it embraces it.

True tenderness can only come from true love. Only a person who loves is capable of having it and being able to provide it. Tenderness is expressed in different ways. It can be through a caress, a hug, a look, a kiss, a poem, a song, a serenade, a romantic dinner, a detail, a flower, etc. Every human being is invited to share it, either as a son or as a father, as a mother or daughter; tenderness should never be lacking in a couple, and it is very common to see it expressed in relationships of courtship or friendship.

What happens when the tenderness disappears? It means that the relationship of any kind is falling into routine, into distancing; it is a clear sign that love has weakened, and sooner or later people will end up attacking each other.

Why is tenderness being lost? There can be several factors. If you are in a country where you must live to the rhythm of a capitalist system, like the United States, excessive work affects a lot; where every day they become an uncontrollable routine due to the many commitments that have to be paid, and we forget to live. But there are other reasons why we are losing the ability to obtain and provide it; such as, lies, pride, arrogance, machismo, feminism, vulgarity, selfishness, etc.

Today more than ever I want to urge all of you to stop to see, hear and feel what happens around us: what happens with our family, with our children, with our partner, with our brothers, with our friends? If we feel that we have stopped being tender with those around us, it is a sign that there is something negative in our being; then it is necessary to make an evaluation and realize how important tenderness is to live in a harmonious environment; and above all, see the satisfaction we provide in others through the small details that we give them and that feed our soul. Not only do you have to wait for important days like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or perhaps a birthday or anniversary.

Every day should be full of small details so we can make our friends feel how much we love them and how important they are to us. It is not necessary to have a lot of money to be able to express our tenderness. Often times, a person does not need material gifts, but to hear, “I love you,” or a phrase that expresses how important that person is to you.

Tenderness offers confidence, passion, dedication, affection, sensitivity, joy, etc. It is very necessary for the balance of life, whether personal, family or couple. If perhaps tenderness has weakened in you, it is the perfect occasion to start over and rescue the beauty of life by receiving and offering that tenderness to your loved one. How?

Remembering those unforgettable moments that made you feel the happiest on this planet. Certainly, they have been very beautiful and numerous. For example: the birth of a daughter or a son, the celebration of your birthday, the day you met a loved one, the recovery of a disease, etc. When we remember these beautiful moments, they serve to encourage us to return to give that tenderness that once made us feel very good with ourselves. Friends, let’s enjoy life. It is not worth living bitter or clinging to a past that hurts you.

Let’s get out of that inner confinement and feel the magic and warmth of tenderness, which is the result of the experience of true love.

If you are a tender being and you offer that tenderness to all, friend, I congratulate you and encourage you to continue offering it since that is the reflection of a person who lives in peace with himself and with others. At the same time, I beg you to help others discover how important tenderness is and how necessary it is for life, for love.

Dear readers, remember to give tenderness to those around you. You will see the difference since you will feel good with others, but above all, with yourselves. AMEN.

Virgin Mary Mother of the Church

Commemoration of the 38th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Blessed Oscar Arnulfo Romero