The Serenity

(By Jaime Sevilla)

Serenity is the one that helps us to visualize the complete panorama of a situation, it is the virtue that allows us to act prudently before the enormous possibilities of triumph or failure in some goal to reach, it is what gives us the propitious moments for the taking of decisions, is the source through which we achieve balance before pain or joy.

A serene person, without a doubt, is someone who has reached a state of human and spiritual maturity in life; and it is only capable of being achieved by constantly undertaking the journey of self-knowledge, the journey to that unexplored and infinite world, the inner journey.

Many times people act desperately before a circumstance, we do not measure the consequences of that action and when we come to reflect, we realize that we decided to make an erroneous decision; is the case of Juan: One day Juan was at work and a friend came to tell him that his wife, Lucero had been dating a man at the time he was working, and to prove he did not lie told him that on Thursday She was dressed in a dark green skirt and a white blouse, on Wednesday with blue pants ... Juan, carried away by jealousy, left work and came to his house, found his wife who was cooking and without saying a word. verbally offended; He finally asked her to leave the house.

Lucero, very affected by everything that was happening, called her father to pick her up. When his father arrived, Juan was surprised that the descriptions of the man with whom they had seen Lucero leave his house were the same as her father’s; When he wanted to reflect, it was too late, Lucero had already made the decision to leave and Juan was left alone, without that woman who had taken care of him and accompanied him during his six years of marriage.

The opposite of serenity is despair, many times we must stop to think about the things that happen around us and not rush to make some decision that we can regret later, like John; we must control our passion instincts, we have to learn to calm down before those difficult moments of life and the only way to do it is to learn to value how important this virtue of serenity is.
But how to achieve the degree of serenity before a desperate situation? Through the self-knowledge of oneself, through inner reflection, through the constant undertaking of the inner journey; the more we explore that unknown internal universe, we will be able to acquire that ability to calm down before the adverse situations of everyday life, achieve serenity in the face of crucial circumstances, is to demonstrate the greatness of our human nature in its conquest of perfection, and without a doubt It will avoid many inconveniences.

Faced with a difficult circumstance, try to calm down, to achieve this, I assure you that you will see with another very different perspective the panorama that is in front of you; and I am convinced that the decisions you will make will be very different from the ones you would have taken in those moments of despair. If you think you are not able to achieve serenity in tribulation, ask for help to those people who already have a path traveled in the conquest of this virtue, surely they can give you some advice so that you can also achieve it, beforehand that you will get it, because it is inside you, you just have to discover it and cultivate it; Once you have achieved it, help others to discover it and that will make you very happy.

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