The Perseverance

(By Jaime Sevilla)

It is the virtue that helps all human beings to crown our goals, our purposes, and our dreams. Perseverance goes hand in hand with hope and patience, since we cannot persevere in something we do not expect and while we work hard to achieve what we hope for, we must be very patient to overcome the obstacles we encounter along the way.

Every human being who is persevering in some goal that has been proposed and serves him as a benefit in his life, personal, family and community; you will surely reach it and this will bring with it an unspeakable satisfaction that will make you feel very happy. An example of these goals can be that student who sacrifices himself to crown the dream of being a doctor, a lawyer, architect, engineer, etc.

While studying its early years, the horizon that has been proposed seems distant; However, the illusion of becoming what he has dreamed so much encourages him to persevere in the struggle to achieve that goal; even in the midst of problems, of poverty and even of loneliness when leaving their loved ones; but this person has the certainty that if he/she perseveres in his struggle until the end, he/she will be the happiest being; he/she will tell everyone that managed to crown his dream and that was thanks to this virtue he/she practiced throughout his/her journey: THE PERSEVERANCE. Once your goal is reached, your hope is realized; and it was worthwhile to be patient in those difficult moments of life. All those who love him congratulate him and he will surely become an example to follow.

On the other hand, I admire all those people who, giving a break in their lives and looking at themselves and around them, realize that they are doing something that hurts themselves, and repeatedly to their own. For example, those who have fallen into the vice of drugs, alcohol, lying, infidelity, jealousy, prostitution, etc.

These people, seeking a little help, decide to fight to get out of that state they are in; and a light of hope shines for them and theirs, when they find someone who has persevered in their internal and external struggle to get out of an addiction and now they are totally free of it.

For everyone who has set out on the same path of freedom, this light of hope shines that will encourage them to persevere and move forward in the conquest of the goal they have set for themselves, filling themselves with enormous patience and celebrating each step beyond that goal; At the end of the road, when they feel liberated from that which bound them, the happiest beings will feel and have another panorama of life.

Dear friends, I invite you to persevere in all those goals that have been proposed, as long as these are of benefit to yourselves and yours. Do not let any failure in a battle lead you to lose the war. Do not let discouragement take away the illusion that gives them life and which also motivates them to persevere in the struggle to achieve their projects, in the struggle to conquer that proposed goal.

Remember that beautiful popular saying: “THE PERSON THAT PERSEVERES, REACHES”.

Beforehand, my most sincere congratulations to all those who have decided to embark on the conquest of some proposed horizon; and I encourage you to fight and persevere for always being good people; to not faint in their intentions to be profitable people, to persevere for be better human beings. If you and I persevere in our struggle to achieve our proposed goals, our society will be different; a society that will go to live in harmony, love and peace.

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