The Identity

(By Jaime Sevilla, MAPM, M.Th)

It is what makes us faithful to our vocation, which frees us from making decisions motivated by disenchantment and disappointment, which leads us to be faithful to the ideals that have been part of our lives for a time, which motivates us to fight against all odds to avoid failing a friend, an institution or a family that has welcomed us freely and selflessly at some point in our existence. Identity is staying together with whom or that which motivated me to fight to get ahead in my life; Identity is what helps me to be grateful for all that and those who have contributed to what I am today. Identity is the certainty that they can count on me all the time, especially in the most difficult moments.

We have all gone through these dark moments in our lives, many times married people get bored with the life they lead; everything seems an endless routine. However, identity makes us reconsider and fight to remain active in the ideals achieved as well as those to be achieved; since it is the one that always reminds us of the great value that the beloved person of the home has; the sublime that is the priestly or religious vocation to which we have been called; how beautiful is the friendship that someone has given us selflessly; the value of the career I studied in college; the success of the business that God has given me, etc. It is precisely the identity, which is the first sister of the sense of belonging; that makes us faithful and grateful for everything that is around our lives.

However, it is also necessary to bring to the reflection that there are moments or circumstances in our lives in which we must meditate on this identity, since generally, this must be reciprocal, round trip; for example: if a woman marries a man to form a family, but on the way, the man mistreats and hits the woman, and her life is in danger; then, that woman must make the decision to leave her husband and dedicate herself to her children, to whom she must surrender completely; her identity ceased to be with her husband and focused on her children.

When a priest or religious, after a while, fails or has doubts about his call; he must depart and meditate deeply on his vocation; since he needs to recover that identity that motivated him to respond to that call; It may be necessary to have good spiritual exercises, a spiritual guide, a true friend who understands these things, etc. One only fails a call when he or she has ceased to identify with him or herself; when the method of prayer we practice does not work, when I allow the routine to involve me and I stop finding God in the day-to-day life of the things I do; when I find excuses for everything and I think that everything should revolve around my way of thinking, etc.

I think it is very important to go along with that human Jesus that motivates me and dignifies me, to find the meaning of our existence again. After this reunion with love, we will undoubtedly see much better the panorama that is in front of us and it will help us visualize things better. It will help us to see who we belong to, with whom I identify myself.

However, as in the example of the marriage set forth above, you feel that the bishop does not value you as a priest, that he has abandoned you, that he does not understand you, etc.; then talk to him; if in spite of this, things do not change, then you have to look back at the People you serve and discover there the ministerial hope. If, as a religious man or woman, you do not feel that the community value you, that they do not identify with you, with your dreams; either because of foolishness or simply because they are not able to see the new challenges that the Church has in front of that religious order, especially with a modern society that is constantly changing; then the time has come for you to talk, to pray, to put everything in your power to break out of obsolete and retrograde systems or visions that were left in the past; this is to be true to your identity.

Today, more than ever, the order needs you, today more than ever your sisters or brothers need you; that is why God called you, so that in these moments of crisis, you do not abandon that religious order that once opened the doors and formed you in that call you received; today is the time to recover that identity. May the Spirit of God illuminate our path in order to be faithful to his call and that our identity does not depart from the Love of loves, Christ Jesus. So be it.