The Gospel of Nature

By Jaime Sevilla, M.Th., M.PM

When we talk about creation and in particular about everyone’s house, our planet is undoubtedly the revelation written or embodied in another gospel: The Gospel of Nature.

Each of us is amazed when we contemplate, from the point of view of science, the wonders that God has created. For example, in the composition of our body, each member large or small is in its place and has a specific function to develop; our human body is a perfect composition. From biology, we can see how wonderful life is. We are stunned to see how complex and simple our creation is. Even a non-believing person enjoys and contemplates the majesty of Creation. However, for us who have faith, nature and the entire creation is the reflection and presence of God among us.

When we contemplate the landscapes, the rivers, the seas, valleys, hills; they are like a picture of God’s presence. When we contemplate the begetting of a human being, its development, its birth, etc. We are witnesses of God’s presence among us. If we look at the universe, we see the beauty of the sun, the moon, the greatness of our galaxy, the infinity of the universe. We are aware that creation appeared out of nothing, and we immediately think of that loving God who created everything for love. All God’s creation is good; however, his masterpiece focuses on human beings whom he also endowed with the wonderful gift of freedom.

It is precisely in this use of the freedom that the key is to be able to understand all the disorder through which the Creation of God is going through, starting with ourselves and continuing with our nature. Considering that we do not make good use of our freedom when we perform self-centered actions in which we only seek to satisfy our own interests, we do not mind trampling or denigrating our own human nature.

Transnational corporations have generally been based on that egocentric philosophy, everything has to revolve around economic production, although certain actions destroy the same human beings. How is it possible that in the face of the tragedy of fires in the Amazon, the interests of a president and his group prevail? Do we not realize that the life of the planet depends on that reserve? It was very sad to see the scourge suffered by our pacha mama, without any social, political, economic or religious organism having promoted any strategy so that this does not happen again.

It is sad to see rivers and lakes of Central America, and other parts of the world contaminated by the negligence of the inhabitants and obsolete governmental organizations that do not know how to value and take care of these free blessings that God has given us. A true Christian, a person of faith, values, cares for and defends all-natural resources, both from where he lives and anywhere in the world. A person of faith promotes the well-being of the environment since by promoting it, he/she is promoting the same presence of God.

To take care of our nature is also to take care of the proclamation of the Gospel of Christ since through nature we also come to live in that sweet presence of God as we also stand in solidarity with our brothers because we are striving to leave a better planet for our future generations. This is called Agape, love to our brothers who have not yet come into existence, but we hope they will arrive.

Not caring for nature would be behaving like self-centered beings, since we would only think of ourselves, regardless of the living conditions we will leave our future generations. This attitude is against the Gospel of Nature, that is, against Christ Himself. Since, in His Incarnation, Passion, Death, and Resurrection, God did not only perfect our human nature, but He also did it with the entire creation, and that includes our Mother Nature.

My beloved brothers, if we are people of faith, if we firmly believe in Christ Jesus, then we must also appreciate and care for our Mother Nature. The failure of doing so would be against our Lord Jesus Christ.
Lord Jesus, increase my faith in order to discover your presence in creation and, especially, in our Mother Nature. Amen.

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