Start Over

(By Jaime Sevilla)

Is the action of the human being in which tries to achieve an objective that has not yet achieved after one or more attempts; it is the persevering struggle to reach a proposed goal before certain determined failures; it is to extract that internal willpower to overcome the obstacles that have stalled us in the way of the conquest of our ideals; it is to recover the illusion of life and to walk again our purposes.

And is that to start again there is no time or age, as very well says the famous popular saying: “it’s never too late to start over.” And it is true, we will always be in the perfect time and place in the struggle for the conquest of the desired ideal when conditions and opportunity present themselves, it will never be late or early; if you are young, in good time; and if one is older, also is at a good time; the important thing is to fight again and again, start again after a failed attempt.

Efforts to achieve that ideal should always be motivated by those actions that dignify us as human beings, without trampling on the rights and dignity of others; otherwise, it is not a good ideal and the most sensible, the most human, would be to cut off any other attempt at the root.

Repeatedly we tend to discourage ourselves to continue fighting, to start over, and this happens because we see that we cannot achieve what we have proposed despite many attempts; If this were to happen, it is necessary to evaluate the ideal for which we are fighting and see if it is really achievable according to our reality and means that we have; we may need different means with those we have dealt with or the helping hand of another more experienced person, etc.

If we exhaust all available resources and means, and even then it becomes almost impossible to achieve our purpose, it means that we have proposed a goal that goes beyond our limitations; then it is necessary to make a good evaluation and to forge an ideal that is realistic according to our abilities, but this should only be done after having exhausted all means and resources in the first proposed goal.

I congratulate Esperanza and Antonio, because when they set a goal and it is for the benefit of their family, they fight together until they reach it; No matter how many times they have to start over, they look for all the resources and means necessary to achieve what they have proposed. At the same time, I want to congratulate Wilbert, a young man who has been a prisoner of drugs but who takes strength from inside and fights to get out of that addiction; Repeatedly he has failed in his attempt, but again the struggle to leave that place begins again. In his attempts to get out of the vice of drugs, he came to understand that he could not get out on his own and sought help in a rehabilitation center; this, together with the help of his friends; He managed to overcome this situation in his life and it takes a while without consuming more cocaine; in the end, Wilbert knew that he was capable and he is demonstrating it with the passage of time.

As human beings, we have the capacity to conquer what we propose and thanks to that ability we can see in our days an extraordinary technology, advances in science in its different branches, etc. But all the great geniuses have had to pass difficult moments, some have had to endure the mockery, rejection and betrayal of their closest friends; but thanks to the failures, we have been able to see and learn that perseverance is the heart of a proposed ideal, some of them have even had to sell or pawn their house, as is the case of the scientist in his effort to discover a cure for a disease.

Dear friend, friend: never give up in the fight for a proposed ideal, the harder it is to achieve it, the better your satisfaction will be when you achieve it; if you fail in the attempt, get up, fill yourself with energy and optimism and start over; in the end, only the one who does not surrender arrives at the top of the mountain and struggles against the wind until he reaches that peak.

Many stays on the road and even some try to discourage the one who fights with courage, and even though he is tired, he rests and starts the road again; because this person who fights firmly believes that, with sacrifice and effort, he will achieve it and without a doubt it will be so.

I invite you to fight against all adversity to keep your family happy, fight to achieve crown that university career, even if you have to work and study hard; struggle to move forward any business that dignifies you as a human being, even if you have to endure the envy and bad intentions of others; fight to get out of that vice or negative situation in which you find yourself, fight and start again as many times as necessary in the conquest of everything that makes you happy.

You must be aware that it is worth fighting for a good goal, for a good cause and as one great thinker said: “Die the causes for which one nobody dies”.
Always remember: It’s never too late to start over.

Mary, Model of the Church at Prayer

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