Special Report of Our Anniversary


Cardinal, Vice President Elect and Bishop of El Salvador; a Major Diplomatic Corps, Representatives of News Media, Priests, Deacons and Religious; along with a large immigrant audience, both English and Spanish speaking, came together to remember, promote, and reflect on the Saint Oscar Romero Legacy at the Anniversary Party of ABBA Magazine.

It all started with the arrival of His Eminence Gregorio Cardinal Rosa Chávez and His Excellency Bishop Elías Samuel Bolaños of El Salvador. It was at 5:20 p.m. when they arrived at Portland, Oregon, International Airport on March 29, 2019. Meanwhile, at Seattle Airport was arriving his Excellency, Dr. Felix Ulloa, Vice President Elect From El Salvador. Arriving at the Portland airport, Cardinal Rosa Chavez had the first contact with the press, where he emphasized the importance of women’s role in the Church.

On Saturday 30th, both staff and members of the Ministry of the Father (ABBA Ministry), we shared breakfast with Cardinal Rosa Chávez, Bishop Bolaños and Father José Lobatón, at ABBA Magazine’s facilities.

At 10:30 am, the Press Conference began at the offices of ABBA Magazine.

At 12:30 p.m., His Eminence Rosa Chávez and His Excellency, Elías Bolaños, visited Saint Vincent Hospital. Valeria Sofia Pérez Baten, a premature newborn of immigrant parents, who was in very delicate health; that is why she was baptized in emergency by the ecclesiastical prelates.

At 1:30 pm the meeting took place between the Vice President Elect, Dr. Felix Ulloa, Cardinal Rosa Chavez, Bishop Elías Bolaños and the Executive Director of ABBA Magazine, Dr. Jaime Sevilla; who later shared lunch.

At 6:30 pm began the Anniversary Party of ABBA Magazine, a historical and evangelizing celebration organized by Baptized Laity committed to their faith. It brought together in one place: Cardinal Rosa Chávez; the Vice President Elect, Dr. Felix Ulloa; Bishop Elías Samuel Bolaños; Mayor of Beaverton, Dennis Doyle; to the Diplomatic Corps of different countries; Representatives of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Portland, including the dean of the faculty Dr. Cristina Astorga; Priests, Deacons; and a large group of invited immigrants, both English and Spanish speaking.

During the evening, Cardinal Rosa Chávez gave a presentation on the legacy of Saint Oscar Romero and the Immigrant Community in the USA, highlighting a brief summary of it: “Monsignor Romero had the gift of expressing ideas in a very beautiful and attractive way, as when he speaks of the God who cries when he sees the suffering of his people. What he said forty years ago is still valid in the harsh reality that exists in El Salvador. Let’s meditate on his words:

“How different would the country be if it would be producing what God planted! But God feels unsuccessful with certain societies, and I think that the page of Isaiah and of Saint Paul on Sunday, today becomes a sad Salvadoran reality: I waited rights and there you have murders, I waited for justice and there you have laments.

It is not sowing discord here, it is simply shouting to the God who cries, the God who feels the lament of his people, because there is a lot of outrage, the God who feels the lament of his peasants who cannot sleep in their houses because they are running away at night, the lament of the children who cry out for their parents who have disappeared: where are they?

That is not what God expected. It is not the Salvadoran homeland like the one we are living, what should be the fruit of a sowing of humanism and Christianity “(Homily October 8, 1978).
Also Vice President Elect, Dr. Felix Ulloa took the stage, and we can highlight his public commitment in his words: “We will work to face those factors that force our people to emigrate, creating the opportunities they need, in such a way that if they emigrate do not do it for lack of opportunities in their own land; but for other different reasons”.

Finally, the Executive Director of ABBA Magazine, Dr. Jaime Sevilla, emphasized: “today we have made history, we have organized a great celebration of our Saint, Prophet and Martyr; Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero, not only with our cardinal, a Prince of the Church; but with someone who was a living witness and faithful to his legacy, which is why he was marginalized and slandered; I am speaking about Cardinal Rosa Chávez.

This night is important because it is a party organized by Lay people who live their baptism”.
One of the most emotional moments, apart from the artistic presentation, that was lived to the surface in the present; was the launch of ABBA Television, the First Spanish-language Television Network of Laymen for Laity in the United States of America and the Whole World; As our friend Javier Martínez Brocal, General Director of Rome Report, would say very well. May God, the Blessed Mary, and Saint Oscar Romero shower their blessings on this Evangelizing Work.

On March 31st was the spiritual banquet with a full Church and with the same personalities, plus the Auxiliary Bishop Eusebio Elizondo of the Archdiocese of Seattle; we closed our anniversary party in honor of Saint Óscar Arnulfo Romero.

Grateful to all who contributed to make this celebration a blessing to many, we want to ask for your prayers for our evangelizing ministry; especially with our new channel, ABBA Television, so that we can be that prophetic voice and announcers of the Kingdom of God.

So that we can be the voice of the voiceless. Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero, pray for us.

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