She is Our Mother

(By Fr. Duglas Briceño, AM)

In the life of the Catholic people, the Virgin Mary is a fundamental piece for their spirituality since she has been present as Mother throughout the centuries in the continuous pilgrimage of her children.

God himself wanted her to be present in the history of salvation when he decided to send his Son into the world; he wanted us to be born of a woman (see Galatians 4:4). In this way, he decided that this woman, the first one who welcomed her Son, will communicate it to all humanity.

In this sense, Mary is on the path that goes from the Father to humanity as Mother who gives us all the Savior Son. At the same time, she is in the path that men have to travel to go to the Father, through Christ and in the Spirit (see Ephesians 2:18).

The presence of Mary in the spirituality of the people and the Church has had different manifestations, dogmas, invocations, and devotions. It leads us to recognize that we have many ways of calling Mary, but she is the same Mother who gives herself to us as a way to reach his Son Jesus and achieve our own salvation.

There are many Marian invocations that are venerated in Latin America. Among them we can mention: Our Lady of Aparecida in Brazil, Our Lady of Luján in Argentina, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico, Our Lady of Caacupé in Paraguay, Our Lady of Chiquinquirá in Colombia, Our Lady of Copacabana in Bolivia, the Virgin of the Charity del Cobre in Cuba, the Virgin of the Thirty-three in Uruguay, Our Lady of Coromoto in Venezuela, among many others which have a history and a tradition that is part of the identity of the people.

The endless tones, colors, sounds, dances and typical expressions in our people, which in the light of the different invocations and celebrated dogmas, they sustain us and encourage us to live our faith and guide our own lives according to the spirit and values of the Gospel.

In our villages, the presence of Mary, Mother of God, in her different invocations, has been very intense since the beginning of evangelization. Thanks to the work of the first missionaries, who by their preaching, the Gospel has been announced presenting the Blessed Mary as the highest accomplishment of men and women whom today continue the evangelizing work, contributing to keep alive the love for our Mother.

It cannot be denied that the Virgin Mary has a very important place in the Church that is on pilgrimage in America on the way to the encounter with the Lord. Since the Blessed Virgin, in a special way, is linked to the birth of the Church in the history of the peoples of this beautiful continent of hope, who for Mary, came to meet the Lord and remain faithful to his presence.

It is good to recognize the wealth we have around the veneration of Mary in the diversity of manifestations we have, but it is also important to conclude that it is our Mother herself that with her disposition was able to change the history and give us salvation; it is Mary who lived on earth with her eyes fixed on Jesus and on the heavenly Father.

Her strongest desire was to make everyone’s eyes converge in this direction. She wants to promote a look of faith and hope in the Savior that the Father sent us. Today, Mary wants to encourage the Church and the believers to always fulfill the Father’s will, which Christ has manifested to us.

God is Nourishment

Interior Peace