No Bishop, Priest or Baptized Person Should Remain Silent Before the Scourge of the Undocumented Christ

(By Jaime Sevilla, MAPM, M.Th)

With deep sadness, I have seen the images of children wandering around the streets of Mississippi senselessly because their parents were arrested by immigration office officials.

What a deep pain! What an inhuman attitude! What ran over the dignity of the person! There are no words to describe such actions against these innocent victims who were violated all kinds of human rights. It is intolerable, unacceptable and condemnable from every point of view.

The arguments that the United States is a country of laws and has to enforce those laws, does not give them a reason to violate the basic human rights of a person; especially when it comes to minors. We have become dehumanized, some to shut up and simply remain expectant; others for executing those orders that undermine human dignity.

How can an ICE agent go home to his family and be calm when he knows he has just destroyed another? What happened in Mississippi has no name, it is a tragedy. If the government and its people do not correct this course, let us not doubt that we will pay the consequences of it. How much more suffering has to happen for Catholic citizens of this country to become aware that those who suffer are our brothers in the faith?

Where are the solidarity, fraternity and the struggle for justice that we proclaim so much from the pulpits, groups, and documents? We continue to fall into that double standard. We continue to close our ears in the face of the suffering of those undocumented children and parents who every day cry out for help and mercy from us.

Dear Catholic, beloved Christian, how long will we react and stop being complacent in these inhumane actions? What is the use of hitting our chest when we let the most vulnerable be humiliated, trampled, and criminalized? Before human law, the law of God must always prevail.

Our undocumented children and brothers beg us to feel that fierce pain they feel when they are separated from their families. Our helpless brothers ask us not to abandon them; remember that they have our same baptism, children of our same Heavenly Father, redeemed by our Lord Jesus Christ and children of our same mother: The Church.

We cannot close our ears. We cannot close our hearts. It is time to open our mouth and denounce all this that threatens the will of God. If our religious leaders remain mute, then we must exercise our prophetic vocation received on the day of our baptism, to denounce all this outrage against human dignity and, therefore, against God.

No Christian or person of goodwill should simply remain as a spectator in the face of fatal events.

No Catholic should remain mute, because that means denying the face of Christ we believe in and that is reflected in the suffering of these brothers of ours. No bishop, priest, baptized person or people of good will should remain silent before the scourge of the undocumented Christ; that would be to preach a mutilated gospel and not the gospel of Christ.

May our beloved God gives us His Grace to be faithful to our baptismal vocation.