Motivation and Illusion

(By Jaime Sevilla)

Motivation is that internal force that influences us to fight in a certain decision or project of our lives; it is the sustenance that strengthens us to work hard in the conquest of the horizon that we have proposed; is to live surrounded by that magic, which pushes us to always be happy and active, in the daily tasks of our lives, offering the best of ourselves; it is the antidote that keeps us always united to that loved one. Motivation encourages us to enthusiastically surrender ourselves to that reason for our existence.

All human beings need to have hope and motivation for which to live and fight. A child, as he grows up, has various dreams; among them, it may be to want to be like their father or mother. A teenager can wish to be like a certain artist or character, but this will depend on the environment in which it develops.

A young adult can be excited about a profession, being an entrepreneur, etc. Some of us are very excited about the fact that we will be a dad or mom for the first time. When this happens, all the other projects go into the background. Older people are excited to have their children succeed in life, to have a decent home, to be able to enjoy grandchildren, to have a serene life, etc. In order to conquer all that we are excited about, we fight with passion, we sacrifice ourselves in order to achieve what we have proposed. Whatever the reason that motivates us, it’s welcome, as long as it makes us happy, more human, gives us more freedom.

But there is also a kind of false illusion, transient and destructive. What this kind of illusion does is that it numbs our understanding and will to give free rein to imagination and misguided passion, it makes us pessimistic, capricious, rebellious, deceitful, presumptuous, haughty, etc.

While egocentric pleasure or misguided passion lasts, we feel good, immersed in an unreal world; all our capacities for reflection and decision making are asleep. It is at these times when drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling, a capricious relationship, etc., become an option to continue falling deeper and deeper into this world of self-destruction, self-deception. Because to be able to live “happy” and “free” these types of people need things that come from the outside, that stimulate their instincts and in this way they continue to stay in that fantasy world.

The saddest thing is that when they wake up and return to their real world, the happiness and freedom in which they apparently lived disappeared. They feel alone, very lonely and sad, without a reason to live; especially when at home, or with others around you, there is no one who understands or is aware of your situation.

On many occasions there is a type of person who is so desperate, that the only way out is to take their own lives. Such is the case of Roberto, a young man of 28 years who came to this country with the hope of improving himself, but bad friends led him to abandon himself in solitude. He lost the hope of life with which he had emigrated, and little by little he was left seduced by sex, drugs and alcohol.

One Friday night, a person called the police because the apartment where Roberto lived smelled bad. The police arrived and they found him dead. In his note he said, “I do not find meaning in my life and there is no more hope.

No one can help me, the friends I had abandoned me, my life has no direction or meaning, that’s why I decided to poison myself and disappear from this world that torments me.”
The case of this young person is very common, and until it happens to one of our loved ones, we let them go unnoticed.
People who have a false illusion of life, including Roberto, when they wake up to their reality, they want to find a light at the bottom, someone to tell them where to go, a person who really gives them a brotherly hand and makes them see how beautiful life is, since by nature every human being is called to live happy and free. But we must motivate the capacity for self-reflection and weak decisions that they carry. We must show them that there are stronger reasons to change the course of their life. For example:

Let them see that we are happy to see the dawn of a new day, there are others who do not have that opportunity; that we are fortunate to be able to listen to the song of the birds or the murmur of a stream, there are others who do not have that happiness. These things and a number of others can help to stimulate the capacity for reflection and decision making.

When they manage to wake up from the nightmare in which they find themselves, we must strive to help them see their surroundings. Surely then they will find real reasons that will return them to true happiness. As is the example of Patricia, who has been out of the abyss of drugs, sex and alcohol for 3 years, and now is a great example of overcoming.

Dear readers, I think that this is a good time for us to stop in life and analyze the reasons that excite us and evaluate them. We will surely find out if there are better ones; if so, let’s not hesitate to look for them and put them in the foreground; if on the contrary, we realize that we have not had something or someone who really delights us in life, it is the perfect time to start looking for it. Remember that we only have to look inside ourselves and start analyzing those things that make us feel good ourselves.

Let’s classify them and make the purpose of striving to achieve that which really makes us happy, that give us an inexplicable personal satisfaction, that make us feel free when fighting to achieve it, THAT WAKES UP IN US THE GOAL OF LIVING LIFE WELL ... Yes, we succeed. We will experience the great difference between the previous life we have led and the new life that we have undertaken. We will clearly reflect on the erroneous concepts and postures of happiness and freedom to which we have been accustomed and exchange them for the moments that we now experience.

The only thing I want to ask is that when someone comes to ask you for a helping hand to leave the place where he/she is, that you never deny it. I assure you that when you help, you we will feel a personal satisfaction that will make you immensely happy. That’s why I invite you to LIVE LIFE WITH TRUE HAPPINESS.

The Virgin Mary Beside the Immigrant

The Solemnity of Corpus Christi