Mary and the Immigrant’s Face

(By Fr. Duglas Briceño, AM)

Speaking about the Blessed Mary in the face of each immigrant, is to speak about the presence of God throughout history.

Mary is God’s instrument to give us salvation, but not only for a specific event, such as giving birth to the son of God or for an isolated moment, but God takes her to accompany His people in their struggles and sorrows. That is why since incarnation she will have to go through different difficulties.

Mary is that mother who walks with her children and participates in the destiny of her people; therefore, since the birth of her son Jesus revives the experience of her people forced to immigrate, exiled and humiliated more than once.

We can observe this in the episode of their escape to Egypt, “he rose up, took the Child and his Mother by night and went to Egypt,” where she assumed the designs of God with great docility, even when she was aware of the difficulties and dangers to which she was going to face in her way (Mt 2:14).

The Virgin could have conceived some contrarieties regarding to what the angel was saying to Joseph more than to the Mother of God, but how could it be anything else in her soul that was not a perfect and immediate adherence to what had been ordained by the Lord?

It was enough for Mary to know that this was God’s will, and without stopping to consider the inconveniences of the trip and the difficulties that awaited them, she prepared to depart with him. In this way, she gave us the most perfect example of a soon and blind submission.

In their effort to obey God and their trust in His Providence, they did not worry about their poor belongings, their relatives, or their friends. They were absorbed by the concern to preserve their divine treasure, which contained all the riches of heaven.

The truth is that it was an escape in every way, in which in addition to the physical sufferings, she was accompanied by the fear of being reached at any moment by a platoon of soldiers. There were months of hidden work and silent suffering with remembrance of the abandoned house, and at the same time with the joy of seeing Jesus growing up healthy and strong far from any danger that had stalked him.

Therefore, the phenomenon of migration so present in our people, also has the face of Mary who escapes with the Child in her arms, riding on a donkey that Joseph would lead to save his son from the tyrant. They start a way and must face the crossing of the desert. Probably, they joined a small caravan because it would have been almost impossible to do it by themselves. The oppressive heat, the lack of water, the danger of robbers, made it absolutely unwise.

In recent years, large numbers of people have been forced to leave their land to go out seeking a solution to their problems and difficulties, trying to have better living conditions for both; those who leave and those who remain. Like Mary, they leave everything, risking their own lives, but always with hope for a better future.

Facing this migratory phenomenon and all the circumstances and dangers that surround them, Mary is presented to us as an expression of the loving face of God that comes to meet us in foreign lands, and in the midst of the difficulties gave us a Mother. We find in her a model to follow, a helping hand, and a faithful companion who is always with open arms full of love and willingly for her children.

Today Mary, as our mother, wants to encourage us in our anguish and is present in the face of each of her children of each migrant who has left everything behind, and of millions of people who did not choose to escape because of cowardice, but who were forced to leave the land that saw them to be born; leaving behind their people, their work, their properties.

It is Mary the sure way who gives us her son Jesus; it is He who brings joy and confidence even in the dark days of longings and loneliness of the migrant’s daily life. He is the one who makes possible a better world, which consists fundamentally in that we all seek an authentic and integral development, so that there are would be conditions of a dignified life for all and so the life of all may reach the measures that God himself set.

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