(By Jaime Sevilla)

Life is the wonderful gift that the Creator has given us, its purpose is for all of us to be happy and make everyone around us happy, to give hope, love and tenderness to those who feel sad, alone, abandoned or marginalized by the society.

Every time we talk about life, many concepts and images come to mind. For example: the seed from which a plant is born, the bud from which a flower springs, the breaking of the egg shell to see a baby chick, the newborn kitten, a pregnant woman or the picture of a baby who has just seen the light of this world, etc. However, routine, in many cases, does not allow us to see and value the treasure of life that God has given us and which we should put at the service of others. There is a popular phrase that says: He who does not live to serve, does not serve to live.

Life is to help find a light that illuminates the path to the person who needs it, life is to help see a new dawn to the being that feels defeated, to return the enthusiasm and joy to those who need it. Life is knowing how to value the great wealth that exists in a human being even though he is poor; is knowing that there is no big problem, but big solutions; that in our environment there is a beautiful paradise that God has given us to enjoy; a paradise full of natural beauty adorned by the murmur of the rivers, the song of the birds, the valleys and hills, the flowers and their aroma, next to the trees of different species. Life is the water that satisfies our thirst, the air we breathe, the love we share, etc. If you look around you, you can see the smile of a child, feel the embrace of a loved one, the words of consolation of an acquaintance.

On many occasions, you can feel the good health that you enjoy, the tenderness of the family, the love of the children, the warmth of the couple, the understanding of the parents, the encouragement of your friends ... As if that were not enough, if you look to the universe, you can contemplate the silent clamor of the stars, the gentle light of the moon, the sun’s rays that illuminate you every morning and which dispel the darkness, etc.

And if you are a believer, you will raise your hands to heaven and bless God with a grateful prayer for that beautiful creation that he has placed around us and in our service.

Dear friend, we should smile, because it is enough to open our horizons and we will find more than one reason, or a reason for you and I, to be happy. You will see how easy it is to smile at life at any time, place or circumstance. Above all, you can realize that every human being can carry within himself the only true and eternal happiness, God. Someone could tell me that it’s easy to talk when I’m not in their situation, in their place.

I understand him; nevertheless, it would be enough to open the horizon a little more to realize that, in many occasions, we drown in a glass of water, being able to drink it; we make a drop, a complete sea; of a good meal, a bad taste. My friend, it is necessary to calm down and try to see from within you, the universe that you have not yet begun to explore. In doing so, you will realize that there are people in worse situations and they are happy, because they do not let problems dominate them.

But rather they master them and learn to face them with serenity and responsibility at the time. It is likely that on certain occasions we need the help of someone to expand our vision, look for it and find that it overcomes those obstacles that have long been tormenting you; I assure you that.

Afterwards, you will not only laugh at life, but you will live it as you should live: happy. Therefore, do not let the problems, the obstacles, the disappointment, the envy of some, the rivalry of others, or the doubt of those around you prevent you from living well.


Mary, Mother of Evangelization Pope Francis

A Grateful Attitude