Interior Peace

(By Jaime Sevilla)

It is the state through which we experience the love, compassion, and mercy of our Creator. It is the action that leads us to discover that there is no big problem, but great solutions. It is the one that gives you peace of mind in the face of the adversity of life.

It is the one that gives you serenity before moments of stress and despair. It is the confidence that radiates before the problems and difficulties that are presented to you. It is the Presence of God in our whole being.

Inner peace is a wonderful gift from God that we attain after achieving intimacy with Him. The more we deal with God, the more we get to know ourselves, and the more we go into ourselves. It is there, in that unknown universe, where we begin that path of inner perfection. This experience and walking does not mean that we are free of pain, difficulties, problems, needs, doubts, marginalizations, etc.

Otherwise, we would cease to be human beings, and it is precisely in these situations where we have the certainty that we are on the right path of acquiring that long-awaited inner peace.

Moreover, it is important that happens to us during all those situations of inner turbulence, because in those situations is where our spiritual life is forged and where we acquire the ability to develop the different spiritual components that are leading us to achieve, little by little, that peace that the human being longs for.

Many times we can ask ourselves: Is it possible to have peace in the midst of pain, suffering, marginalization, misery?

The answer is YES. As long as our being is united to our Brother Jesus Christ. Jesus is the one who teaches us that we can have peace when we go through our own Calvary. Jesus is the one who shows us that while we are united to the Father, we can have that inner peace in times of uncertainty and despair.

Jesus is the one who invites us to walk with Him to free ourselves from everything that holds ourselves prisoner. Jesus is the one who encourages us with his example and Word to not be afraid to face all our imperfections and internal wars; since, with his Grace, we will be victorious and live in peace, because He himself is the Prince of Peace.

Every human being, while living within this time and space, will always be fighting the great battles of his daily life. Many of these battles will bring with them all kinds of suffering, pain, anguish and even despair, but there is where our trust must always prevail.

Since we are certain that as long as we are united to Jesus, we will always be victorious, and no matter how big and difficult it seems to be in any of the situations mentioned.
It is beautiful to breathe the spiritual victory achieved when it is preceded by the force of love. It is beautiful to experience the moments of peace that we achieve after each battle won; above all, when it has come preceded by compassion and mercy. It is wonderful to live in that genuine inner peace when we have the certainty that we are united to Christ Jesus. While we are united to Jesus Christ, we should never fear anything or anyone; not even ourselves.

However, we must be careful with the inner mirages. Many times they have the strength to deceive us to think or to believe that we live in peace when in reality there are always conflicts to face and resolve in our interior. Many of these conflicts are almost always reflected in the treatment we give to those closest to us. Every time we offend with our thoughts, words or actions to others, it is because our being does not live in peace.

When we feel our soul tormented all the time, we need help to get out of that state. I think it is advisable to have a good friend, a good spiritual director, a group of brothers and sisters, etc., who already live that inner peace.

These people are the ideal companions to succeed in navigating our path of inner liberation, and then we can acquire our long-awaited and true inner peace.

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