Five Truths of Martin Luther about the Virgin Mary

By Padre Douglas Briceño

Last year we celebrated 500 years of the Protestant reform, whose main author was the Augustinian monk Martin Luther. We all know the situation that the Catholic Church of the thirteenth century faced inside: sales of indulgences, sacraments, to finish the Basilica of St. Peter, etc.

When Martin Luther launches the famous reform during the years 1517-1522, he does so with the intention that the hierarchy of the Catholic Church at that time reflects and corrects all the mistakes that were being made within it. His voice was not heard, and Martin’s pride also contributed a little to that.

However, the Catholic roots had always been with them throughout their lives. Today I would like to highlight five points from their doctrine about the Blessed Virgin Mary:

1. Mary is the Mother of us all
“Mary is the Mother of Jesus and Mother of us all; although, Christ was the only one who rested in her lap… If He is ours, we should be in His place; since where He is, we must also be and all that He has must be ours, and His mother is also our mother” (Sermon, Christmas, 1529).

2. We can never
honor Mary enough
“Mary is the most raised woman and the noblest jewel of Christianity after Christ… she is the nobility, wisdom and holiness personified. We will never be able to honor her enough. Even when that honor and praise should be given in a way that does not lack Christ or the Scriptures” (Sermon, Christmas 1531).

3. Mary is the Mother of God
“... She is justly called not only the mother of man but also the Mother of God ... it is true that Mary is the Mother of the real and true God”
(Sermon, Concord. vol. 24. P. 107).

4. Mary was conceived
without original sin
“It is sweet and pious to believe that the infusion of Mary’s soul was carried out without original sin, so that in the very infusion of her soul she was also purified from the original sin and adorned with the gifts of God, receiving a pure soul-infused by God; so, from the first moment she began to live, she was free from all sin” (Sermon, 1527).

5. Mary had no more children
“Christ was the only Son of Mary, and the Virgin Mary had no other children apart from Him… I am inclined to accept those who declare that ‘brothers’ really mean ‘cousins’ here since the sacred writer and the Jews in general always called brothers their cousins” (Sermon, 1539).

I wanted to bring this article of Mariology to you so that we do not get a mistaken idea of Martin Luther and so that we can start a dialogue with some evangelical brother since all Protestant denominations have their origin precisely in their Protestant reform.

We are brothers, we are not enemies; all baptized have been reborn, as the apostle Paul says very well: “there is only one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father.” We may have differences, but in essence, we are Christians. We proclaim the same Savior, we are all called to holiness, we live the life of grace and we share the same mother: The Blessed Virgin Mary.

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