Commemoration of the 38th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Blessed Oscar Arnulfo Romero


On March 24, St. Pius X Parish, Portland, Oregon; and the Consulate of El Salvador, located in Seattle, Washington; celebrated the commemoration of the 38th anniversary of the Martyrdom of Blessed Oscar Arnulfo Romero, who was Archbishop of San Salvador, El Salvador, and who was assassinated in the Divine Providence Chapel when he celebrated the Holy Mass.

The commemorative act began with the celebration of Holy Mass at St. Pius X Parish, presided by Fr. Sean Weeks, Pastor; concelebrated by Fr. Julio Torres, Parish Vicar; and Fr. Ubaldo Menchú, from the Missionary Fraternity of Mary, Guatemala, and who was celebrating a special mission in the parish. In the Holy Mass during which the triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem, or liturgically known as Palm Sunday, was also celebrated, present among the community of Faith were the consuls: Clari Monzón, from El Salvador; Claudia Gatica, from Guatemala; and Miguel Ángel Velásquez, from Peru; all them located in Seattle.

The lecture on the legacy of Blessed Romero was presented by Jaime Sevilla, Director of the Hispanic Ministry of St. Pius X Parish. During the lecture he emphasized, “One of the aspects that motivates me personally of Archbishop Romero is the right to tell the truth, a truth that it is always very complex since each one sees it from his own perspective.

One person thinks they know the complete truth; but when you think about it individually, it really is not the complete truth, it is a part of it, nothing more. How are we sure we are telling the truth, or are we witnessing it? When we visualize it in the light of the Gospel, the truth will always be aimed towards the common good. Witnessing the truth, like our Blessed Romero, often brings us problems: we are criticized, humiliated, marginalized, despised. Our Lord Jesus Christ suffered all these things because He is the Truth. According to the words of Pope Francis that he gave to the Salvadorans, who went to thank the Vatican for having beatified Archbishop Romero, the Pope said, “Our Martyr also suffered it, even his brothers, priests and bishops.

Let’s not be afraid to always tell the truth, because it is the only one that makes us free and freedom is something to which we should always aspire.”

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