“And the Word Was Made Flesh and Dwelt Among Us” (John 1:14)

(By Jaime Sevilla)

The parties of the end of the year have passed, but we can still see some little light colors or the celebration of the Spanish tradition of the three kings.

This sends us a great traditional message, since that event that began with the Annunciation and was concrete in Bethlehem of Judah with the Birth of the Child Jesus. It continues its development through its manifestation to all the Peoples of the Earth. But what do we really celebrate at Christmas?
For me, the greatest proof of love that God has shown towards our human nature; since, the Cross and Resurrection, are fruits of the Incarnation; and although his Incarnation, Ministry, Death, Resurrection and Ascension into Heaven form a single component; none of this would have happened without God, freely and out of love, having decided to become one like us in the most pure womb of our Blessed Mother, except in sin. (See Philippians 2:7).

Therefore, during the profession of faith that we do in our Sunday celebration, we bow our heads when we say, “... For us men (our humanity) and for our salvation,

He came down from Heaven (here we bow our heads in adoration) and by the work of the Holy Spirit, He became Incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man (here we raise our faces because he is already one of us)... “ (cf. Profession of Faith, Council of Chalcedon, 425 AD). That God Child shares our humanity.

I would like to briefly develop three aspects of this event: The Incarnation and Birth of God-Man is the first stage of the overflow or emptying of God’s love for each human being. God sympathizes with our nature, forgives our sin; and if that were not enough, He redeems us, transforms us and perfects us.

Each created human being has been reached by this Grace and infinite God’s love; from our first parents to those who live in pilgrimage, within this time and space, waiting for death to transcend us into eternity. However, that Love and Grace of God is so infinite that reaches the future human beings that will be created until Christ comes again; since in God, everything is an eternal present.

Another great gift we have received is the Dignity to which we were elevated. No heavenly or earthly creature, visible or invisible, has imagined the great manifestation of that merciful love of God; He united us to his own Divine Nature.

Every time I meditate on this Precious Gift, fruit of His Divine Love, I feel so small. I cannot deny that my tears of gratitude and joy are spilled out at this moment, because my limitation is not capable of embracing the meaning of such great love.

My whole being begins to praise God and I say from the bottom of my being, “THANK YOU, LORD.” When Our Lord Jesus Christ tells us, “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect,” He is saying it with all propriety and convinced that this is our goal, our calling, because we are united with Him (Mt 5:48).

Thus, the Apostle Paul is right when he says, “having canceled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us; he has taken it away, nailing it to the cross. And having disarmed the powers and authorities, he made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them by the cross” (Colossians 2:14-15).

Finally, in this first stage of our redemption, begins the transcendence of our human nature towards eternal happiness. Truly, in the Incarnation and Birth, our human nature begins to develop its transformative process that leads us to our eternal happiness.

The fact that God, out of love, decides to descend from his Divinity to assume our humanity, is the beginning of our transformation and perfection of our nature. It is precisely in the course of this process, where we are developing all the components that are needed to achieve the unity of our humanity, freely and out of love, to the Divine Nature in eternity.

All of this can be understood by us who are submitted within time and space, but then what happened to those who died before the Incarnation, Death and Resurrection; or with those future human beings who will be procreated?

The Magisterium of the Church in the Council of Chalcedon, 425 A.D., declares it, very wisely, in the profession of Faith: “... He descended into hell and ascended into heaven ...”.

Jesus after rising from the dead descended into the hell taking with him to Heaven all those who had already traveled this path in the presence of the invisible Word. At the same time, when going up to Heaven, all those who will become part of our time and space, will be reached with His Grace so they will also travel, like us, this transforming path and reach, like us, the eternal happiness.

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