A group of baptized, consecrated and ordained laity, who have accepted the Evangelizing Mission, entrusted by Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the media. Our goal is to reach the simple people, with a series of theological formative and pastoral topics; responding in this way to the great needs that exist in our faith community.


We are a ministry that is dedicated to evangelize and spread the teaching of the Doctrine of the Catholic Church through all means of communication, and other means. Our Ministry is oriented by Catholic humanism; since the seeds of the verb are scattered in the good that exists in the mind and heart of the human being (see Lumen Gentium # 16-17)


Bring the Kingdom of God to every corner of the Earth that Jesus Christ, with His Grace, allows us. We are ambassadors of Christ who bring their Good News to humanity; especially the poor, exploited, enslaved and marginalized in society; who continue to have hope despite the circumstances in which they live.